How does lighting affect retail display?

Services & Technology

Unibox to exhibit at Lux Live 2017

Large Format Lightboxes

Wood Finish Lightboxes

Case Furniture

LED Light Boxes

Tension Fabric System Displays & Frames

Illuminated Signage


Pinnacle Creative

Retail Design Blog

How are retail and interior design merging?

Kontakt: Cable-free Illuminated Moveable Retail Shelving


How to achieve authenticity in retail design

SuperDry partner with Unibox on innovative Berlin store launch

ASDA George

LED Signage

Anglepoise - Clerkenwell Design Week

Benefits of working closely with a manufacturer

What makes a good exhibition stand?

Corner / Column Lightboxes

Flagship vs Pop-ups, what creates the best customer experience?

What are fashion retailers doing to evolve the shopping experience?

WRG & Adidas


Key Exhibition Stand Trends for 2017

Sky & Avvio Reply


Royal Academy

River Island Kontakt

Maximising retail sales in 2017: a quick checklist

Retail Display Systems

Retail Audit - Concrete within Retail March 2016

Kurt Geiger

Lighting an exhibition space

Primark - Spain

Magnetik Concealed Product Display System

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