Magnetik Concealed Product Display System

A concealed graphic and product display system

Using a clever bit of engineering - when combined with our tension fabric system - our magnetik ‘floating’ shelves enable the design of stylish, eye-catching product displays and promotions.

Successfully amalgamating merchandise into graphic displays, Magnetik helps to showcase products, bolster retail sales, and reinforce brand awareness.

Undetectable from the outside, the system works in harmony with your fabric displays, without the need for unsightly fixtures or cuts.

Reconfigurable to suit changing product promotions, Magnetik is both reusable and cost-effective. 

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Lee Stonehold

Technical Key Account Manager

I like the fact that every day brings a new challenge at Unibox. The diverse range of products we manufacture enables us to pretty much solve all our clients conundrums.

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John Buckley

Internal Sales Executive

I’ve worked as an Internal Sales Executive at Unibox for 10 months, handling new and established accounts.  Working on anything from bespoke exhibition systems, to retail lighting displays. Before this, I spent over 15 years in the large format print and signage industry where I worked in every step of the process from design, to manufacture, to installation. My main skill is being able to visualise what my clients want by talking through their project, and being able to spot potential problems or opportunities, which gives them confidence to place an order.

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With a choice of brackets and magnet configurations, the Magnetik system comes with a range of accessories suitable for a variety of different product arrangements. 

With brackets and supports that are easily repositioned on both the horizontal and vertical axis, the pole system is hidden within a lightbox, allowing for striking displays anywhere on the surface of the graphic.

The Magnetik concealed accessory display system is built into new and existing Ledge 105 lightboxes.

If you would like to integrate this into an existing or alternative new lightbox, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

More detail

Bespoke magnet assemblies are designed to perfectly support products.

Transform your display in less than 6 minutes, with easy to replace fabric graphics & simple magnet relocation

Magnetik incorporates a range of accessories, specifically designed to support a variety of merchandise & products.

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