Kinetik: Video Lightbox

Kinetik is a large format lightbox with animated LED modules beneath a fabric graphic face

Somewhere between a lightbox and a large-format video screen, Kinetik augments tension fabric graphics with RGB LEDs, allowing a high resolution printed graphic to be combined with dynamic animation or variable colour backlighting.

Each LED represents a pixel, in the same way a TV screen is made up of pixels. These pixels are 10mm apart and are designed to be used in large format.

The LEDs, specific to Kinetik, are programmed from a USB drive which can be re-programmed again and again, creating digital textures for uses such as interior backdrops or engaging promotional spaces. This makes the Kinetik lightbox adaptable as retailer seasons change and ideas evolve.

This innovative new product is Patent Pending - GB1604081.8


More on Kinetik

To create a Kinetik lightbox we start by creating a video, and with the help of advanced software, break this video down into sections.

Each section is attributed to a pixel and these pixels are programmed frame by frame. When the frames are reconfigured into a sequence, a moving image is created. All of this data is held on a single memory card that plugs seamlessly into the lightbox.

Recognising that brands increasingly want to promote products in a less static way to attract consumer attention - but often don’t have the budget to incorporate screens or LCD technology -  Kinetik can be used both subtly and to dramatic effect.

Offers dynamic animation or variable colour backlighting

Cost-effective solution without the budget required for LCD technology

Data can be held on a single memory card, giving you complete control over changing the digital texture

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