Surface Design Show

Surface Design Show 2018 - we're proud to announce we'll be exhibiting at one of the most innovative shows in the UK - Surface Design Show, dedicated to showcasing the newest and best surfaces that the design industry has to offer.

Retail Design Blog

Our Retail Design Blog began as an internal source of inspiration, with the latest ideas, trends, and innovations in the retail industry. We've collated the projects we found most useful for our own retail designs and visual merchandising projects, with a range of applications that can come out of the ideas seen below: lighting design, modular structures, bespoke displays and much more.

Retail concessions

Whether shopping in store or online, omni-channel retail aims to provide customers with seamless retail experiences. As it’s popularity begins to grow, customers are beginning to raise their standards to expect more from a single shopping trip.

The Neonist Manchester Bee - Where is it now?

After making its debut at Lux Live, we decided to create a buzz around our Neonist Manchester Bee and offer Lux Live visitors a chance to win it for their office! The lucky winner of the worker bee was Jason Pennington from arc magazine. 

We designed the Manchester bee using using Neonist - our modern, LED-illuminated alternative to traditional neon. Now installed in arc’s beautifully designed Manchester office, we think our bee looks incredible, although we might be slightly biased! 


Unibox to exhibit at Lux Live 2017

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Lux Live 2017!

Taking place over 15th - 16th November, some of the world’s finest lighting designers, suppliers and manufacturers will be gathering in London’s Excel.

This year’s iteration of Lux Live focuses on how lighting is changing, especially within commercial applications.

Tension Fabric System Displays

The Unibox Tension Fabric System (TFS) combines tension graphics and precision-engineered aluminium frames to create branded, reconfigurable displays capable of adapting to any retail or exhibition environment. 

This system can be used in both retail and exhibition environments and is available in a range of depths, finishes and applications. The easy to change fabric graphic makes it great for displaying promotions, seasonal changes and brand information - to name just a few. 

Who have we worked with?

How can signage help store layout and customer flow?

Signage is everywhere in stores, both interior and exterior signage helps make a brand and the products it sells recognisable to its existing and potential customers. There are a number of different styles of signage used in retail environments, but the main objectives of them all is to drive traffic, increase sales and communicate with consumers. 

Why is signage important in a store? 

Make an impact with backlit signage

Signage is an essential part of making your business identifiable to existing and potential customers. High quality designs that capture your company’s brand, logo or message can increase foot traffic and sales. Lighted signs are designed to stand out and work around the clock to raise awareness of your business and its identity whether day or night.

Different styles