LED Light Panels

UK Manufactured LED panels, ideal for graphic displays, point of sale units, shelving and signage.

LED panels are core to Unibox’s lighting and graphic display solutions, providing a slimline method of illumination with consistent lighting that can be combined with Unibox LED Lightboxes and multiple other products.

A bespoke, high-quality LED light engine illuminates a dot-matrix patterned light guide plate, produced on our in-house laser-etching machine. The pattern, algorithmically calculated by panel size, creates an even distribution of light across the surface.

LED Panels aren’t only used within graphic display solutions, as they can complex shapes such as text, symbols or company branding as well as square panels.

Experts in Lighting

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Nick Wraith

Managing Director

Growing up as the son of an entrepreneurial engineer I started my own business, aged 16, buying, refurbishing and selling lawn mowers and have never lost the hunger/interest that came from making money by figuring out how to make things work better. With an overwhelming enthusiasm for new ideas, even though they can bring their fair share of problems; isn’t this better being short of inspiration!

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Sarah Caine

Business Development Director

I’ve been with Unibox for 3 years, have 21 years of working with retailers, 16 of which has been in retail lighting and display. Why Unibox? Because it’s a great family to be part of, and it’s a family that cares. 

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More detail

Unibox LED Panels are designed and manufactured in-house, on one of the UK’s largest laser etching machines. Lumenal’s development team work on each panel individually, testing the exact requirement before an algorithm is used to create a dot pattern across the LED panel, ensuring consistency across the entire panel.

Our LED Panels are self-contained, inclusive of the LEDs, wiring and thermal management ready to be fitted within a retail display or architectural application. Unibox LED Panels have been incorporated into a range of high profile projects, most notably within the Flux 18 graphic display system and shelving installed into TESCO for the launch of their first tablet, the ‘hudl’.

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